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NOTE: John L. Parault went home to be with the Lord on July 24, 2012 after serving the Lord for 50 years. We will always miss him but know we will be together one day.



– MAY 27, 1984

The Lord spoke to me (Rene) one day and said, “You can have a worldwide ministry like Kathryn Kuhlman or you can trust me in this other thing that I have for you.”  I made an instant decision to choose what He had for me, whatever it may be.  I came to understand after those words that the Lord had something very special on His mind in the context of my life and ministry.  It was to unite me in marriage to someone and unite two ministries, which would go worldwide.

John Lee Parault, now my husband, came into my life around the year 1982.  He was going through a great trial in his life in that season of time.  He came to see me minister when he was living in Brusly, Louisiana and later went on a retreat that I was giving in the mountains of North Carolina.  On the retreat, there were some who needed to be baptized, and John and I stood together and baptized the brethren in a pond of cold water.  One sister observed us baptizing and wrote in her notebook what the Lord was speaking to her;  “John and Rene would marry and have a worldwide ministry.  She was not to show what she had written about us until after we were married.”  This she did sometime later.

I was forming a ministry team to take to Honduras in May 1984 and John was invited to be a part of the team.  He and I found ourselves sitting together quite frequently.  We both knew that we were being drawn together.  One night after a ministry meeting we sat facing each other on the couch in Eloisa de Rodriguez’s home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  It was the same home that I had so often ministered in previously and the one that I saw in a vision in the 1970’s.

As we were sitting there, John looked at me and he spoke these words.  “Rene, if you ever need a friend, I am here for you, even to the laying down of my life.”  I was overwhelmed and began to weep. Then I said to John, “Do you know what you have said?”  He then replied, “Yes I do.”  Without saying it to me, John said in his heart, “I just told that woman I loved her in a most profound way.” He (through his own testimony) went back into his bedroom and said to the Lord, “I told that woman I loved her.  Lord, if you want me to marry Rene, then I will lay my life down.”  When John lay down upon his bed a strong wind began to blow in the room, so that he had to hold onto his covers to keep them from blowing off.  Even the curtains were standing straight out with no wind blowing outside.  While this was taking place a brilliant ball of light appeared close to his head and then with great speed went through the wall. The voice of the Lord spoke to John and said, “I am committing her to your care.”  Then a mantle of great responsibility came down upon him.  What an encounter that was for him in regard to us.

Upstairs, I felt an explosion inside of me, as though something new had begun.  I knew it had to do with John.  The next morning John and I left with a brother who was driving us up to the mountains of Valle Bonito, where my prophet friend was.  The rest of the team was to follow later.  In the middle of our journey there, the spirit of the Lord fell on John and he began to weep.  Having turned his head to look out of the window at the mountains, the Lord spoke to him again and said, “Because you have waited and have been faithful, I am giving you one of the choicest daughters of Israel.”

As we arrived at Brother Angel’s home and church ground, he ran out to meet us and began to prophesy in Spanish to John.  The prophecy said that John was seeking an answer and before he left the mountains, he would have his answer.  John and I later sat down on some rocks in a field near the church building.  All of a sudden the wind began to blow through the pine trees.  The wind blew three times and stopped after each great gust.  The first two times John wept, and then the wind subsided.  The third time John and I began to be drawn together like a magnet, and we knew that the Holy Spirit had done something between the both of us.  He had married us.

We left the mountains and went to the east side of Honduras to San Pedro Sula.  We went to visit another old friend, whom we asked to pray for us.  Instead, this old prophetess began to prophesy over us in Spanish.  “Thus said the Lord, I have married you now kiss.”  We did just that.  This was certainly not the Spanish custom nor ways. We then left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana and went up to the mountains of North Carolina where we were married by the law of the land on May 27, 1984.  It has been a wonderful marriage these past eighteen years.


John L. Parault received a profound and audible call from God around 12 years of age.  Little did he know the extent of the ministry God was giving to him.

At the age of 17, John entered the US Navy and served three years traveling to many countries.  He began to minister even in the service as the Lord opened doors.  John then in 1964 entered Graceville Baptist Institute from which he graduated in 1967.

John preached, taught and pastored in numerous churches in Florida, Louisiana and Central America for the next twenty years.

In the late 70’s John received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which changed the whole spectrum of his ministry.  It was during this time that the Lord remolded his thinking, concepts and placed him in the school of the Holy Spirit, training him for a new walk.  This transition came through many fiery trials.

From this time John both traveled and pastored non-denominational churches teaching, preaching and training, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He also has been known to sing with his guitar prophetically to many in the Body of Christ.   His traveling took him many times to Honduras, along with his wife, establishing there the people of God under the Lord’s anointing.  He and his wife raised up a training ministry in the capital of Honduras. His ministry was extended to other countries as well, such as England, Scotland, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Costa Rico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Greece. John carries his shofar with him and blows the sound of the trumpet over many nations.  Right now there is an emphasis on the British Isles, where the input has been mighty in these past couple years.

John is traveling extensively with his wife, Rene, speaking in churches, fellowships and giving seminars in the states and overseas.

His book writing is growing, and is deeply encouraging the readers to walk the overcoming walk.  Some of the books are entitled: Unto Perfection, The Scope of Worship, Reigning Grace, Sufferings with Christ, The Book of Revelation, a prophetic word to the church, The Church in Covenant Relationship, prophetic poems and others.  Some of these books have been translated into Spanish.

John’s heart is to return virgin truth to the church, and this is what he prays for.

Right now he is pastoring Son Rise Fellowship in Franklin, NC along with ministering in the Son Rise Ministry School.


NOTE: Rene and her daughter Darlene are traveling extensively through the countries and churches John and Rene and Darlene traveled over the years. Rene is overseeing the growing fellowship in Franklin.  The anointing is strong as the Son Rise team goes forth to preach the kingdom message.


Rene V. Parault began her prophetic ministry out of a Charismatic background.  There was an audible call to her from the Lord in 1979, and that was when her ministry began. Read the account in her book, “The Visions.” She traveled the United States extensively in those days, with a message of healing and restoration.  Rene also traveled and ministered in England, Scotland and Ireland in the 1980’s and toured three continents, South Africa, Israel and Brazil witnessing miracles as she traveled.  The Lord sent her to Honduras in 1981, where she worked diligently for over twenty years.  She initiated and oversaw a work called “Operation New Life Honduras” a large relief works among the poor.  She also, along with her husband, established the ministry of teaching in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where they ministered for many years.


Her work carried her to Washington, D.C. to hold prayer meetings at the White House Complex, along with the travels in the states, including N. Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and others.  She was called of the Lord to go into Nicaragua in 1982 where she boldly spoke the truth and was almost arrested by the government at that time.


In the early days, Rene had her own radio programs for many years.  Then she and John together ministered on the air.  The songs that she wrote and then sang were prophetic and made into albums.  These were to encourage and exhort the people of God.


Rene’s ministry is a prophetic-healing work with special teaching emphasis on preparing believers to manifest the life of Christ in these last days.  She moves prophetically in personal prophecy and corporately with word of knowledge. The music ministry of both she and her husband John, blend with the prophetic call to bring forth healing and deliverance in the services.  As they both ministry, they flow together as one.


She and John travel wherever the Lord sends them.  Their recent trips took them to an island off the coast of Scotland called Iona where they encountered a mighty move of God, which led them to “pull the plug” of revival.  (Read again “The Visions”)


Rene is co-pastoring with her husband, and teaching in the school of ministry. She and John are called to equip the saints.  Eph. 4:11-13.